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Research Interests 

AI policy and governance, institutional design, existential risks to humanity, moral philosophy, political philosophy, animal minds


Aligned with Whom? Direct and Social Goals for AI Systems with Anton Korinek. NBER. May 2022.

Truthful AI: Developing and governing AI that does not lie, with Owain Evans, Owen Cotton-Barratt, Lukas Finnveden, Adam Bales, Avital Balwit, Peter Wills, Luca Righetti, William Saunders, October 2021.

Research Assistant Work 

Integrating Ethical Value and Economic Value to Steer Progress in Artificial Intelligence by Anton Korinek

Liberal Radicalism: A Flexible Design For Philanthropic Matching Funds by Glen Weyl, Zoe Hitzig, and Vitalik Buterin

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